This morning, I put these shorts on Lily.

“Mommy!" Very aggitated.

"They’re too small!” Sucking in her stomach and trying to push them lower. (It starts so early.)

I went to her room to get some different shorts and came back to find she had stripped the old ones down and had lept out from inside them.

And there they stood.

A sad statue; commemorating another pound gained, another inch grown, another season passed.



Not to be melodramatic.

Thought it did make me laugh.

It felt as if Dr. Suess, himself, was in my living room.

The shorts stayed there on the carpet for the next few hours, looking ever so...indifferent.

Until I took a picture of them.

Lily didn’t like all the attention the shorts were getting, so she went over and jumped on top of them.


Lily one, shorts zero.

That'll show 'em.


  1. You only get eighteen summers. That's what someone told me today. One summer down, one more pair of shorts outgrown.

  2. Lol, are those standing up!? I wouldnt want to wear clothes that stand up on their own either! Too freaky :P


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