work it

Lily is the queen of crazy hair...

...mostly in the morning or at night after her recent do is undone.

This was a particularly crazy after-do-do...

Yesterday, Lily walked in and said:

"You look beautiful!"

And I meant it.


  1. she is adorable. love the make up!

  2. Thanks! (That's actually Crayola marker...she still has some on that won't come off.)

  3. That is definitely some crazy frizzy hair!

  4. Holy cow! How does she get such BIG hair?? That's really very impressive. And I have to say that her make-up abilities are already surpassing mine.

  5. Holy cow! That girl has some serious hair!! Markers... I loathe those things! Jayden is sporting black lines on his legs... not fabulous.

  6. Hannah (age 19) went to work one day with red marker -permanent - on her arm because her and Becca had gotten into a marker fight the night before. Kids will be kids and can't give up playing with markers.

    I wish my hair could do those things.

  7. I love her hair!! :) & the Blue eye liner :) She is vintage, ! & so adorable


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