there's copper in them hills!

Last week was my week off from normal life. I spent it in West Jordan with the fam.

First stop was the Kennecott copper mine in the west hills of the valley.

No, I did not actually get THAT high up.

Though they boast that you can see it from space, should you choose to go.


--Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine has produced more copper than any mine in history - about 18.1 million tons.

--The mine is 2-3/4 miles across at the top and 3/4 of a mile deep. You could stack two Sears Towers on top of each other and still not reach the top of the mine.

--The mine is so big, it can be seen by the space shuttle astronauts as they pass over the United States. (Told you.)

--If you stretched out all the roads in the open pit mine, you'd have 500 miles of roadway - enough to reach from Salt Lake City to Denver.

Here it is.


...reminded me of this:

My ma and the kiddies:

These trucks were sooooooooooooo slow.

So what if they're as big as a house and weigh as much as a jumbo jet.


But they were huge. I wouldn't want to come across one in a dark ally.




  1. Wow. I am sorry to say my imagination hasn't allowed me to think of going to a copper mine for fun! Good for you! I may have to consider it since you guys seemed to have a good time. :P

  2. I love your captions. "Suck my exhaust is classic."

  3. Wow! I didnt even know that place existed! But, I dont get out much :) Riley would Freak out! He would love it so much! Ill have to take him one day :)

  4. LOL that second to the last pic totally just looked like a couple of outside toy trucks!! that classic yellow dumptruck...LOL



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