joy [joi]: the expression or display of glad feeling

Sarah's Garden by Robert Duncan
Today, my friends, is a good day.

No particular reason.

It just is.

I'm grateful for good days.

It's the kind of day where I need bigger clothes cuz I feel all bursty and tingly. (No, it's not gluttony. Just joy.)

I wish for you all to have this kind of day.

I wish for you, butterflies and rainbows. Pots of gold and laughter. Puppies and ice cream. Cool breezes and fresh laundry. Joy and hope.

But if this isn't your day...

If this isn't your week...

If you are sad and alone...

If you feel worthless and hated...

If you feel ugly and nameless...

If this is your life and you wish it wasn't...

Then I wish for you to see that somewhere in the world there is a rainbow.

I wish for you to know that no matter how bad this day is, you know that in 14 hours, it will be over.

I wish for you to remember Annie and her wise, wise words that the sun WILL come out tomorrow. And if it doesn't, you sure are lucky cuz there is nothing like a nice overcast.

And remember how bad Annie had it. She was a poor orphan who lived with a drunk lady that sang about stepping on her and her friend's sweet little freckles. Remember that at least YOU don't live in that orphanage.

Remember all the horrible things that happened along Annie's way. She almost got dropped from a vertical railroad track by a very creepy Tim Curry! Yet, she cried out for help and it came in the nick of time.

My friends, I can gaurentee that YOU will never have it that bad. I cannot think of anywhere in America where there exists a vertical railroad track. So chin up. It could be worse.

Just look where Annie ended up. No longer an orphan. But posh. Little posh Annie. She endured it well. She sang along her way...though wretched it was. And she never gave up hope. Even when her hope was in vain and her parents were dead the whole time--it was that hope and an optimistic attitude that kept her going and won her the prize.

Today, I am Annie.

And I hope.

I hope you are as lucky.

Or will be soon.

"...and men are, that they might have joy."
2 Nephi 2:25


  1. What a nice thought. I've been too busy lately to truly feel happy. I think it is a conscious decision. I will try harder...

  2. I actually have fresh laundry and it feels and smells great!

  3. So, what you're saying is that you're in a good mood?

  4. I hope my tomorow is as good as your today was :) I cleaned my house today.. I wa super grouchy but. I love waking up to a clean house! :) It makes me happy . Im so glad you have a fantastic day! Hugs

  5. ahhh amy! i love your fabulous you!! actually my day was not the happiest of days...but it was not bad. today is good...especially knowing that i am so far along in my pregnancy (only have a month and a half left till i'm 37 weeks...longer than i have ever made it before! come on july 15th!!) and even though movement may be slower and much more painful, i can STILL move without feeling guilty because i'm NOT on bedrest! i can clean my house (albiet slowly, with lots of breaks proping my feet) after a very busy and draining day yesterday and still be okay and not freak out that it'll put me into labor! it's also good to know that eventhough my house is hiddeously dirty, that even though i may not get eeeeeverything done that i like, it;s okay. i am pregnant 31 weeks, baby! and its worth it! :)

    and here's to a dirty house! WE HAVE GRASS!!! WOOHOOOOOOO! so sore achy joints and muscles and a fading sunburn, take THAT!! :)


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