scenic drive

This is an I-really-do-like-Utah post. Maybe only I will care.

We go to "the city" at least once a month. The drive takes 2.5 hours. Give or take.

It used to seem to take forever. (Just ask anyone who has ever visited us.) But now, the time flies and it only seems like an hour.

Gives me lots of time to think. Or not think. Or fall asleep. Or stare.

Still lots of snow.

I love this barn in Heber. It's a real live functioning red barn. It's AWESOME! I want to marry it. Can I?

If I could live anywhere in the world...I'd pick Heber. Gorgeous. Small. Close to civilization...but not too close. Closely surrounded by mountains.

We used to live here soon after we got married. Only about 6 months. I still want to move back someday.

My side view...
...he has such a cute nose.

I don't particularly like this house. I'm just always fascinated by how out of place it is. It looks like it belongs in Malibu or Italy more than it belongs in Deer Creek.

Pretty Provo Canyon. (Just for you Erika.)

I have no idea why she's raising her hand. Sometimes she's a little strange...but still cute.


  1. Utah is beautiful. I don't know if I could handle a 2.5 hour drive into town. I'm too impatient.

  2. That is very beautiful. Still snow, huh? Lucky. On Tuesday the temp here will be almost 100. Ugh.

  3. Alan just needs to find a job, then we'll be there.

  4. Utah is beautiful...maybe one day... Lily is gorgeous. I can see Steve in her now, I used to only see you.

  5. You are brave. I hate driving that long.. :)

  6. I hate you. You posted all this just to spite me didn't you!?
    I know just what you mean about the drive going faster, the same thing happened to us with Logan.
    I should take pictures of our view the next time we drive through texas on our way home. Beautiful flat nothing, except the occassional oil pump and power lines!

  7. Amy, thos pictures are awesome!!! & I LOVE LOVE LOVE red barns! I have 2 books with just barn photo's in them! :) Its a weird obsession, but I just love them.


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