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17 Again
I have two words for you...

I will probably see this movie at least 5 dozen times more in my life.
If I had more thumbs, they would all be up.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

I finally figured out what I didn't like about this movie. Aside from being really sad--as any movie that deals with the Holocaust is--the thing about it is that the ending didn't fit with the rest of the movie. It seems like the ending belonged to an entirely different plot. The main reason: they didn't develop the relationship between those two little boys enough for what happened at the end.

Whoever wrote it clearly had A.D.D. and just wanted to end it real quick in the saddest way possible...whether or not that particular way fit.

I give it one very confused, sideways thumb.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

I really didn't even want to give this one air-time here. But I thought it was just skeezy enough to talk about.

If you've seen Rose Red, then you know what this movie is about. It goes deeper into why Rose Red is haunted. It would have been a pretty good movie if it wasn't so dirty. And I even saw the edited version! They could have gotten the point across without all the trash. I had to fast forward 1/3 of the movie.

So obviously, not giving this any thumbs up...more of a shameful finger shake.

(Rose Red is a good movie though. It's a "horror" movie that isn't really all that horrific. I don't do scary, but it's one that I can take.)

And I finally watched the series finale of ER.

What has happened to finales? I haven't seen a good one since Friends went bye-bye. Now THAT was a way to end a show. Things are completely resolved. Everyone's happy. No questions are left unanswered.

But this one? Not quite as irritating as the Gilmore Girls ending...but equally under-whelming. It might as well have been a regular 2 hour episode. I wasn't a die hard fan of the show, though I have watched some of every season. If I had been, it would have been a more annoying ending.

A big thptptptptpt on that one.


  1. I totally agree with you about the ER ending!! It was like, "What in the heck just happened!!!???" It was just a regular day at the ER. Yes Carter opened a Clinic, but other than seeing Susan and Cari it was really no big deal. I was really disappointed in this one. I also wish that they would have found out that George Clooney (Dr. Ross) had something to do with where Dr. Carter's new kidney came from. How lame is that that he didn't know he had nothing to do with that!!!

    Haven't seen 17 again but want to really bad. Also want to see X-men Orgins. YES, I have been sucked in to the X-men movies. But.... with Hugh Jackman how can you go wrong???? Maybe this weekend.

  2. OOO, I really want to see "17 Again." It looks good...If you don't like sad movies, don't watch "Seven Pounds" or "Traitor." Eeya...

  3. I want to see 17 again too :) It looks sooo cute! :) Have you seen He's just not that into yet?" Its really good! :) I dont think I'll watch the pajama's movie, I dont need anything else that makes me cry :(
    Have you seen The Secret Life of Bee's Its a fantastic movie! :)

  4. 17 Again is on my to do list for next weekend. I just got two free movie tickets. Whoo hoo!

  5. Read the book The Boy In the Striped PAjamas. It is way better and develops character a lot more. The ending makes more sense when you read the book.

  6. I was also disappointed in ER. I got all caught up with the episodes for the sole purpose of watching the finale and that is what they gave us??? I didn't like how they ended things with John and Kem. Are they together or not? And Gates and Sam?? Same thing. One thing I did like is they brought Rachel back. That was pretty cool. Jeremy watched it with me and I agree with him that they should have had a bomb hit the hospital and every body dies.

  7. I just figure with Gates and Sam and John and Kem you have to imagine it is like Gone with the Wind, make up your own ending, that eventually he comes back and they live happily ever after.

  8. Yeah...a bomb would have been memorable. Remember the finale to Little House on the Prairie? They blew up the whole town. THAT was the way to go.

    I don't like the make up your own ending. I like to be told exactly what happens.

    My sis told me the Striped Pajamas was based on a book. I'd figure it would be better. Books always are. (Cough*Twilight*Cough)


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