Lily had to get stitches.

Six of them.

She face-planted it into the shelf of our VCR.

(Yes, we still have a VCR.)

It's probably my fault.

Way too much blood.

We had to go to the emergency room...shots, sedation, and master stitching followed.

She did really well.

She's fine.

And she will heal and be back to her gorgeous self.

She's been awesome at not touching or complaining.

I'm glad I got my first kid's first stitches done and over with.

I hope I never have to do that again.

If I do...

...I will ask for the sedation.


  1. That sent shivers down my body... I can't stand thinking of a tiny person getting hurt! Joshua did that three years ago on Mother's Day no less. Only, he planted his face on the cobble stone path at my parents' house after falling 4 feet off the deck...much blood...I think face wounds are the worst! I think it makes parents panic more.

  2. Oh I bet that was painful! Hope it doesn't scar. Use mederma! (The commercials say it works) °Ü°

  3. Poor thing! But with or without stitches she is a very beautiful girl. I love those big eyes.

  4. That is sooooo sad. But.... be prepared for more. I remember having to endure quite a few trips to urgent care or the emergency rooms, without the kids getting sedated to get stitches. Tell her I hope she feels better!

  5. Ouch! Glad to see she's okay (and you ,too). Hey, at least she managed to make it a really symmetrical injury...

  6. Oh man, I bet I'd have a harder time with it then Mariska would, if it was her! At least she's still pretty young, she may not remember much.

  7. Ouch.

    That looks like it hurt.

  8. Oh poor baby! Thats so sad :( It does look painful!! its crazy how dang cute she is even with a nose full of stitches!

  9. I knew the VCR shelf was no good. I flinched every time she tripped near it or rocked on her folding chair. I foresaw it happening...

  10. So, technically, I can blame YOU, Bonnie.

    Shame on you for not stopping this!


    She gets the stitches out tomorrow. Hopefully, that will go good.

  11. I haven't had to go through that yet... I'm sure I will need to be sedated too. Poor girl!!!

    Don't worry, we are in the VCR club too :)


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