I'm feeling very subdued right now. Bored. Spiritless. Tired.

Steve went traipsing around the wilderness somewhere and left me home. With Lily and niece. I'm officially sick of the phrases "I have to go pee" and "She's being mean to me!" Well, ya know what?...I have to pee too.

I just ate two pieces of cake. Chocolate cake. The ultimate. The classic. It was delicious. Really. Really. Delicious. I downed a glass of milk alongside.

Too bad you weren't here. You could've had some.

It's never fun pigging out alone. You almost feel like you're committing a sin. Gluttony. Is that really a sin? Or just a sin they made up for movies or to make otherwise righteous people feel guilty.

Well. I don't feel guilty. I feel loved. Eating chocolate things has a way of doing that to a person. Endorphins. Lovely, chocolatey endorphins.

What will I do with the rest of my evening, you're wondering? I don't know. I have some shows on the dvr to catch up on. I still haven't watched the series finale of ER. Big fan--->here.

Speaking of t.v....Biggest Loser. Is it wrong to wish for people to get break an ankle or pull their groin? Cuz I really wish Ron would GO AWAY! What is with him?! Manipulative liar. I hope carma kicks him the butt sometime in his life. And I hope Mike doesn't win the show. Poopy brown team. And the ole hag--as I lovingly refer to her--Helen...how is she still there! Whiney. I was so sad that Kristin left. Now all that's left for me to love is Filipe and Tara.

What else?

Politics? Not really in the mood. Something annoying has to be fresh on my mind in order for that to be any fun. Although, I will say that they should never mix political and religious questions in the Miss America pageant.

Speaking of the Miss America pageant...why do they still have it? Why are these women getting crowns like they're some sort of royalty? Is looking pretty and being able to walk across a stage in heels really worthy of such a ornament? They should make them do all sorts of humanity projects and disease curing first...like a reality show. But one that does some good. And only THEN do they get a crown and a high-five.

Speaking of royalty...I'm glad we don't have a monarchy in this country. It's good knowing 4 years isn't really that long.

Not much else is new.

I did get a hair cut. I won't be using so much conditioner now. So that's good.

Oh, and I figured out how to make songs from a c.d. into mp3s. Feeling pretty smarty-pantsy.

I'm going to go make bows and watch a bunch of t.v. now.. I love t.v.. I really do. And I'm not ashamed of it. It doesn't make me a bad or lazy person. Turns out, I take more steps than is recommended for the average human being to take everyday. I bought a pedometer, so I know.

Good for me.


  1. Okay, now I want some chocolate cake. With a side of ice cream. And a slice of cake as a garnish. And some hardshell topping.


  2. I'll pass on the cake, but do you have a brownie? Can you pass the brownie?

    Sounds like you are totally lonely. I tend to ramble when I don't have anyone to listen to what comes out of my mouth.

    I think I am rambling...

  3. I should wear my pedometer.. I have one some where. I to love choclate cake :) but white cake with that rainbow chips vanilla icing is my weakness! I actuall keep a jar of the icing in the fridge for "those" days. which is why I should find my pedometer.. I too dislike RON he is a mega JERK, his son is ok though, so sad what they did to kristin. Tara is my fav :) hope she kicks all their butts. Hey.. can you still use the beautiful lengths conditioner if you cut your hair? or is that like weird now. me, tv.. friends :) good friends, dont feel bad, its what I look forward to and 1/2 the reason I get out of bed in the morning.. well.. (afternoon) :)
    Where is the pic of your hair cut?

  4. My hair is still long. I just got it cut different...half of it's gone, but the length is still there. And no, it's not a mullet. I love it.

    And I would still use that conditioner even if I had my old short hair-do. I love that stuff.

  5. Do you want to know who goes home next week? I hate Ron! It makes me so mad!!! And next week you will hate him even more!!!!! I am not one to wish ill on people but I really wish ill on him and his son. I spit on them.
    Your cake sounds wonderful but I worry about the result of the migraine afterwords. Maybe I will bake one today. Have you ever tried making peanut butter icing? That's soooo good. Dan did you see Food City has Tomatillos on sale this week? You make the best salsa.

    Anyway, if you want to know about next week, let me know....

  6. Yes, I do want to know. And how do you know?

  7. I want a brownie too...

  8. Well..... I happen to know someone. Next week Filipe comes home. Sad but true. The sad thing is that he is sabotaged by Ron, and his cohorts. Of course are you surprised? So stay tuned next week and then the next week the viewers get to vote. I do realize that there are certain parts of this that are rigged. :(

  9. I really don't think I'm going to watch. I'll still tape it. But it'll just tick me off.

    What do you mean parts are rigged? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

    I don't know why I take this show so personal.

  10. You take it personal because you know Sioni

  11. I get mad every season. There's always someone who is just an icky person. I feel sorry for their families. Must suck to have them as a relative.

  12. Well if you remember there are alot of "issues" in that family. (Ron's) They even showed it on the show last week. The kid at home even has issues. From what Filipe told his family Mike is a real jerk. He walks around thinking he is going to go out and play college football. Has never played football, but now that he has lost weight he thinks someone will want him automatically. He has this attitude that he is a ladies man too. He'ss all cockey. Sad.

  13. You can totally tell that he's already that way. Too bad too. Cuz he was one I was routing for in the beginning.

  14. The cake sounds great. I love a good piece of cake. Oh and I've been watching Biggest Loser off and on (no DVR here). I'm wishing I had watched it more, then I would probably know more of why Ron is dumb. I hope Filipe wins! I was hoping him or Sione did.

  15. FYI, to be Miss America, you have to be a state title-holder, which requires you to perform a service platform for the state during your year of reign. Same thing applies for local title-holders going to the state pageant. So, walking across a stage and looking pretty isn't what Miss America is about. I think you've confused the Miss USA competition with the Miss America Organization. Two completely different organizations which unfortunately get confused far too often.

  16. Dan, you're not taking credit for Jeremy's salsa are you? Cause if you are... No salsa for you!!!

  17. Unclench, Salsa-Nazi Girl, I gave Jeremy the credit.:P

    How do you write out the sound of a raspberry? Thhhptptptpt?

  18. He gave Jeremy credit when he told me about it last year.

    I don't care who created it...I want some...bottled, packaged and sent to me immediately.

  19. Actually the people the work at Rosa's created the Salsa.


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