lily's room

After 2 1/2 years of living here, I finally did something with Lily's room.

Bye-bye ugly off-white walls.

The Artiste. We call it "Purple Africa." She destined for great things.


(This is just cuz I like playing with pictures :)

I'm especially proud of the headboard. I made it for around $20. The fabric was only $12 for 6 yards! And it's pretty cute fabric. The cool thing is, if I ever decide to change the colors in here, I can just put the new fabric over the existing headboard fabric.

I'm the Queen of Clearance. I probably only pay full price for non-food items 5% of the time. If that. I got her bedspread and sham for $5.

I took some of the fabric left from the headboard and added it to the clearance Walmart curtains ($5 for the set of curtains) so I could raise them higher. It only took about 1 half hour to do this...an iron and a little fabric tape and I didn't even have to take the curtains off the rod. I think they look awesome.

This was a simple, cheap-O idea that's major cute. (Again, each frame was only $5. And scrapbook paper is always super cheap.)

One of the main incentives for me to do something with Lily's room was that we needed some storage in there. We got these shelves from IKEA for only $7 a piece. The brackets were only 50 cents. They cost less than one can of paint! I still have to tweak a few things...but you get the idea.

I got this fancy shmancy chandelier from IKEA too, (only $8!). It was pretty run of the mill, so I added some ribbon to make it more fun.

Now I can stand to look in her room without cringing. And being such a cheapskate gives me a great sense of accomplishment.


  1. I can't wait to see it. It looks sooper cute!! Can you brainstorm with me for Ians room?

  2. Love to! A boy's room would be a nice change. My eyes are bleeding purple!

  3. That is so neat! Since we aren't allowed paint our apartment walls, I just pin up those crib sized comforters because they always have great pictures on them. Her room looks awesome! You definately gave me a lot of ideas for the future.

  4. (Applause) Bravo! That is amazing! You did an awesome job! You could have your own Home Room Designing show!
    Well Done!

  5. THAT LOOK BEEEEE-UTIFUL! I'm so PROUD of you! See- you didn't need my help.

  6. Wow! That looks great! You have such a talent for decorating and finding great deals.

  7. It looks awesome!! I love the purple and red. You are so talented Amy!

  8. Thanks.

    And Bon, I cried the whole time missing you...

  9. Holy crap! You did a great job! :) I love Ikea, and I am totally getting that chandelliar! (I spelled that wrong) I love the rainbow effect on the wall. purple and red great idea, and i didnt know that fabric tape and an iron could hold that well. :) Im so proud of you...... when are you coming to do riley's room??


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