handy{est} man

STEVE is a man of many talents.

He can fix cars like nobody's business.

He can whip up some pretty tasty meals in no time. (A secret he kept from me for the first few years of marriage. Thank you. Thank you, very much.)

He can install anything into anything...and I mean anything.

He can build a computer.

He can write songs.

He can shoot down and butcher an animal all in a day's time.

He can solve most any problem (and does) with a little PVC and wire.

He can plumb.

He can make an electrical socket or a light switch where there wasn't one.

He can build. (More on that in the Spring.)

He can drive like a ninja in any weather.

He can look at a problem and know he can find a way to fix it. (We just bought a sleigh headboard. The sales lady told us we needed a special frame cuz sleigh headboards didn't attach like regular ones. Steve looked at it and decided he could "figure something out." A couple screws, a saw, and some other things I didn't see...and voila! Perfect and sturdy. Saved us some cash. The man's MacGyver...only for more practical things.)

And now he can add Puppet Master to the list.

Ain't it cute?


  1. Bob the Builder! If he can't fix it, no one can. Can he teach some lessons to my DH? gotta love him, but he'd rather hire someone.

  2. Have you ever watched the Red Green show? The main guy always says, "If she can't find ya handsome, at least she can find ya handy!" I think it is amazing that guys can just figure stuff out...it's true about the PVC and wire...

  3. LOL i forget how much troy and steve are alike in certain ways! although the killing and butchering an animal...troy has not done...yet. he's been itching to go hunting with some people in our ward. (as long as he doesn't want a stuffed head souvenier...those creep me out. antlers: sure, skins: fine...but i don't want anything that stares at me!) and for the chopping up an animal...i don;t think there would be any problem with that.

    anyway, we pickem good don't we? :)

  4. I like the picture that makes it look as though Steve has the Light of Heaven shinin' down upon him.

  5. Good picture, I wish my husband could do half of what steve can! & I love the puppet! Good Job!

  6. It is the light of heaven shining down on him. I believe they've been referring to it as the "Sun."

  7. Well played, Amy, well played.


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