adam and emo

The year's greatest quote came from Kara DioGuardi last night after Adam sang Ring of Fire.

"It left me confused, and kind of happy."


I mean...really. Amen.

I was looking for holy water and a priest when he was finished.


  1. I LOVE HIM! Do you like him too? I don't know why but i love his voice and style! It wasn't a good song for him but he sang it so well!
    He's a Winner..

  2. I just felt like I was watching something really strange. Yes he sang it well but it was by no means anything like country. Johnny Cash would be pooping in his grave!! Personally I like Danny. I think he always does a great job plus he has proved himself even though he hasn't had all of the experience that Adam has had.

  3. I'm indifferent to Adam. (Sorry, Bon. He has nice eyes, but that can only get you so far in life.) I think there's way too much hype about him. I think HE thinks he's spectacular. I think I hate his nail polish and skinny jeans.

    Danny's my favorite too. Hands down. (Bonnie and I refer to him as "Robert Downey"...whom I love.) I also like the 16 year old red-head rocker chick.

    Don't like Lil gimme-a-break Rounds or that one white boy who's kind of boring and I can't even remember his name. The rest are alright.

  4. I figured out what bugs me about him...he could do way too good a job of passing as a drag queen.


  5. Adam looks like the older brother of the Jonas Brothers'. The weird looking older brother.

    As for Danny, he totally looks like Robert Downey, Jr.! I keep saying the same thing. Dan doesn't see it. Apparently he thinks Robert Downey Jr. is a black guy. :)

  6. Yes did you see his boyfriend with silver nailpolish with his mom last night? Yea, I have a hard time with him. Sorry Becca and Bonnie. I reallly like Danny. I get so sick of Paula drooling over all of them. I just want to throw up. Does she really know what she is talking about these days? Did you see her sniffing Simon's arm last night? What was all that about?

  7. Seriously, that rendition of Burning Ring of Fire was creepy and unwholesome. I wanted to wash my brain out after seeing that crap.

    And polka my eyes out.

  8. I don't care what you all say about him I just like his style and his voice he may be gay and look like a drag queen whatever! I like him! I like the Emo style is that so wrong? I am a teenage girl I am just in a phase when I grow up I will look back and say " What was I thinking?" But for right now I am very attracted to the Emo style!

  9. Creepy and unwholesome...exactly.

    Dan, the only time Robert Downey Jr. was black was in that jungle army movie.

    I always fast forward through what Paula has to say. She has too many brain cells that just aren't working. Plus, what fun is hearing someone that only tries to find the positive in crap?

    And yes, Becca...that is SO wrong.

  10. HE'S GAY!? LOLOLOLOL- A few days ago I told Jeremy that if he wasn't gay- I'm Barbara Walters... Now I don't have to introduce myself, "Hello, I'm Barbara Walters."

    I still think he's fox. But I'm definatly rooting more for Robert Downey. No- not because he's gay- but because Ring of Fire gave me nightmares where Johnny Cash and Adam were running around Hell eating everybody... I don't want that again...


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