why you don't shop when you're hungry

We went to the city for Steve's dentist appointment. While Lily and I were waiting, we went to Walmart.

It was lunchtime...my stomach was on the hunt. I could have eaten all the little children.

I made other choices.

This and this...

...And these...
Didn't matter that I had no mixing bowl or portable oven.

Cinnamon rolls need no explaining.

I didn't actually know what these were...the $1 and "chocolate" caught my eye..
FYI...they were disgusting.

What did Lily and I actually eat for lunch that day?

One of these.
And half a bag of theseThey were delicious.

I'm a good mom.


  1. this is how I am too. I have to eat before going to the store or else I just want everything!

  2. Yes, going to the store hungry is never a good idea! I could totally go for some Twix & Red Vines right now! Those were Red Vines? Twizzlers are nasty!

  3. I love those litt'l pre-made graham cracker crusts! They are awesome and I use them to make my strawberry moose thingy.. and Yes you are a good mom :) Lily wont feel like she ever missed out on anything :)

  4. You're a good mom... most days lately Mariska has CheeseIts for breakfast.

  5. I loved this!! dinner last night was mini corn dogs and icecream for my kids - nothing more! I'm a good mom too!!! Your blog is so entertaining! Thanks for sharing.


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