McD Principle

Sometimes, something comes along that's so good and I love it and I want to keep it all for myself cuz I'm selfish that way. I like to take my new goody and sit in a dark corner all alone and devour. I don't want anyone to have it.

I don't know what's wrong with me. Shouldn't everyone else be allowed to revel in my newly found delight? NO! I want to keep it and be the envy of boys and girls far and near.

But the thought came to me, how will I be the envy if people don't know I have something they don't?

I suppose I could be that kid in the classroom who starts giggling after they let out a fart...cuz they know that soon, everyone will partake in the deliciousness of my flatulence. Of course, really only I would be the one to find the joy in that...and that's what I'm trying to change...

I guess I could just have the satisfaction of knowing that I was the one to bring my goody to the people. Kind of like Ronald McDonald...bringing burgers to the masses. Sure, no one thanks him for actually making the burger, but it doesn't take away the satisfaction of a full belly and another dollar in the till.

So here is my Monday gift to you...

I came across Amy's blog by accident. She's a kindred spirit. I love her. I would marry her if bloggers could marry other bloggers and that sort of thing was what people did. The particular post I have you linked to is a hoot.

You don't have to like her or even care or even want to read or even like me or maybe you haven't even been interested in this post enough to get this far...I forgot what I was talking about...but my point is that this is my blog and I'll link how I want to.


  1. LOL! You make me laugh! I liked her blog! Are you related to her?

  2. That was so incredibly funny, her humor does remind me of you!

  3. Let's forget about what's conventional. Let's just get married.

  4. Where you blog stalking?? I do that :) I think its great, gives you ideas on crafts, and activities. It also helps me realize we are not the only weirdo family out there :)

  5. I think everyone blog stalks. I think it's encouraged in the blogging world.


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