Sum, Sum, Summertime

The past couple weeks, we...

Went up into the mounties again. It was SOOOOOOOOO nice and cool. Fifty-eight LOVELY degrees...we had to sweaterize ourselves! It even rained for a few fabulous minutes.

Lily saw this pretty flower by the outhouse and yanked it out, root and all, with all her little she-toddler powers. Pretty proud of herself.
You're never to young to learn how to drive.
(Really, we were only going like 5 miles an hour. The scenery flying by is deceiving.)

This is something called Elephant's Head something-a-ruther. I can't imagine why...
We were around 10,000 feet or somewhere near there and my food looked like it was going to explode...
We eat healthy on the road.
My pretty, manly angler...
There is some of the most gorgeous land up here...


Some of you know I used to play softball back in the day. I loved it. I still love watching. But I've really missed playing. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to fill in for someone for a team from a neighboring town. It wasn't the greatest team, but it was still pretty fun. Luckily, I played right field, aka, dead zone. I don't know if I could've played any other position since I'm so rusty. The batting came back pretty easily though. I batted a .600 average! Rock on. Maybe someday I'll really get back into it.

Here are the two cutest little girls to ever dawn baby-kinis! Lily and her cousin, Dori. (I know, don't lecture me. It was all my sister had.) She's still so stinkin' cute.


A few weeks ago, Lily and I went to the city and went to this park with my mom...
Yes, this is JUST a regular, run-of-the-mill city park! It's in West Jordan and it's awesome! Last year, the city businesses got together and built it. Different businesses "sponsored" different pieces of the equipment. I wish we had one like this here!


This last weekend was something called UBIC--Uintah Basin In Celebration. It's a weekend of concerts, fairs, other exhibits, and a parade. Ahhhh, the parade...

Keep in mind, this is a small town. There only up to 7,000 people here and in the surrounding areas. And this parade is SUCH a good representation of life here in the Basin.

Let me give you the rundown...

Here's the pageant winners' float. Steve's little sister, Shari, won the big pageant. I actually went to the pageant a couple weeks ago. I don't know if painful was a word I'd use (to a contestant's face), but it wouldn't be far from the truth. We're still proud of her though. She gets to compete for Miss Utah in a year...maybe I'll be lucky enough to get to go to that one. She's the one highest on the bridge in the black/white dress.
They spared no expense...
Tractor thingy #1
Tractor thingy #2 (Yes, these are actual floats in our fine parade.)
Tractor thingy #3
Tractor what-the-heck-thingy-is-this-? #4
The mortician in town is kind of like a celebrity, in their own small-town kind of way. Everyone knows them and appears to like them...and will one day be embalmed by them.

This was actually one of, if not, the best "float" in the parade. An olden day hearse. Imagine all the dead people it took to the Pearly Gates.
Another pride of the Basin...Semis. Lots of them. Big ones. Ugly ones. Dirty ones.
Even pretty ones come along now and then. If I was a trucker, you better believe my rig would look just like this...balloons and all. Doesn't it just make you wanna suck on a lollipop?
This float lets you know where the Basin's heart lies...Camo, antlers, and 4-wheelers. Put them all together and what do you get? Venison stew.

Lily was plum tuckered out by the end of the parade.
Later that day...We went to the big park here in town where they were having a concert. Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband were the ones I was looking forward to seeing. If you live in Utah, you've probably heard of them. They did have a song that was in the mainstream country music scene a few years ago--Dream Big. They're pretty entertaining if you ever get a chance to go to a show.

Here are a bunch of pics while we were waiting and watching...

Steve, you're a stud!


Steve built this garden and has been growing it for the past couple months. I must say, I haven't had anything to do with it--except picking a few squash this past week. He's done a pretty good job on it. I'm looking forward to some zucchini so I can make loads and loads of yummy zucchini bread!

A few months ago...(Nice tooshy, my dear)
The first fruits...I mean vegetables...
Thus ends the last couple weeks of our summer activities...give or take. More to come when they happen.


  1. OK, Now I know why people have the comment box pop open, instead of going to the page, because when I get here I forgot everything I was going to say.
    I LOVE Ryan Shupe & the rubber band! I saw them with Trisha Yearwood, they were great! What kind of vEGGIE IS THAT!?? I dont get to that section much :) The park with the play houses is AWESEOME! I wish we had one! Lily is just the cutest little girl I ever did see! She looks more like you everyday!. & I can imagine why they call them elephant heads. Mr. Brittany Spears letting Lily drive!! Just kidding, Mike does that too in our neighborhood :) & I can see Edward Cullen under the chocolate :) Is there any better combination?

  2. I love the rubber band band!! I saw them with Casey at Trisha's concert! They are fun!!

    And I totally remember you in highschool and softball... the team in the outfield would back up when you got up to bat!! You rocked!!

  3. HA! Casey, you're funny. And no...there's not.

    That's a yellow squash. Taste a lot like zucchinis. I love 'em.

    I'm surprised you know about Ryan Shupe. I'm jealous you girls have seen Trisha in concert! One of these days...

    Thanks Heather...that makes me happy to know.


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