The Doctor called Mrs. Cohen saying "Mrs. Cohen, your check came back." Mrs. Cohen answered "So did my arthritis.

I've been writing checks for years. Many years. My mom used to let me fill in the checks when I was in junior high. I'm no stranger to the system. But last week, it finally dawned on me...I've been filling checks out wrong for 16 years.

Do you know that when you write out the dollar amount, you don't actually have to write "Such and such DOLLARS and 00/100" followed by a squiggly line? The word "Dollars" is clearly printed at the end of the line...staring you in the face. This was news to me. How did this slip by me? Did we not learn check writing in Mr. Brigham's econ class? I've been unnecessarily redundant all this time. How many wasted minutes of my life have been spent writing out the word d-o-l-l-a-r-s when I could have just written out the number, ended with a squiggly, and called it a day?! Oh, the things I could have accomplished with all that extra time!

However, I just got to thinkin'... What if I'm writing a check for just ONE dollar? Do I then need to go and cross out the unnecessary "s" in the word "Dollars?" Could I leave it as printed and hope for the best? And if I did, would it confuse the bank teller...would he/she wonder if maybe I forgot to add another word after the "one"...like "hundred" or "thousand"...what if in the confusion they decided that I DID forget and gave the payee too much money? The whole bank system would come crashing down. They really should know better and put the "s" in parenthesis to cover their butts. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

I just love that Lucy.


  1. Holy cow I do the same thing! Not to mention when you run out of room when you do have to write a really long number, like "four hundred fifty two dollars and 33/100..... I always run out of room, but for some reason still have to squeeze in that squiggly line.

  2. Seriously?!? You guys are hilarious. Did you ever wonder why you had to make the cents a fraction instead of just following it with the word cents???? Because of the word dollars at the end! LOL!! Actually I think I originally figured it out because I would pause to remember how to spell it and then I said wait...it is spelled out right there!

  3. Well, I KNOW how to spell dollar, so it's taken a while to figure it out :P

    I always feel like I have to squeeze in the squiggly too. I don't get the whole squiggly line either. Cuz really...if someone was going to go to the trouble of messing with your checks, a squiggly won't stop them.

  4. LOL, You are right! & I am a nerd and sometimes even spell dollar wrong on the line, I forget that the word is already there until I make that 00/100 with a line after it.. then I see the word dollar.. DUH! Thank goodness for Check/Debit cards these days!

  5. Yes...I'm a big fan of the dummy-free debit.


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