Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

"I'm fair, but biased."

A statement couldn't be truer.

There are many things to get a person riled up these days...the race for the presidency (is there no one that respects the office anymore?), global warming (I'm sorry, I hadn't realized we found a cure for cancer), illegal immigration (
"Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free"--but do it right and go through the proper channels while NOT being a drain on our society), recession (got Reagan?), the "healthcare crisis" (BILLIONS go to the illegals and the down-right lazy for healthcare...and to me--THAT is the real crisis), and corruption (everywhere, everyone). Who's a person to trust? Who can you rely on to give you the truth?

The Presidential race...Is anyone as disappointed as I am? If the election were tomorrow, I would have no idea who to vote for. Is it sad that there are people in the "other" party that look more appealing at times than my "own kind?" (Hilkary need not apply.) Who's a citizen to choose?! Is it too much to ask for someone that "has it all" and for people to care that someone has it all?! Forget this lip-service that candidates give. I say, if a they make promises and get into the White House--break one promise--and off with their head!

One thing I'm really irritated about is that I'm not given both sides where debating is concerned. There are a billion Democratic debates on t.v...not hard to find one. I've even watched a few, (you've seen them crapping on each other once, you've seen them all)! But it's rare for mainstream media to put a Republican debate on. What about the other parties? I'd like to hear what the Independents have to say. Or the Constitution party. And even the, dare I say it, the Green party. (Bleh. Pftthtooey!) If you don't know what the other parties believe or what your OWN party believes, you have no place voting. Can't we toss out party "labels" and put the bunch of them into a forum and hear what they have to say without already assuming we agree with one party or another?

Shouldn't there be some sort of entrance exam at the polls? Shouldn't every voter know WHAT and WHO they're voting for?! What are the issues!? Do you know what the candidates' policies are? This is for the friggin' PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!--not class president! Should we be allowed to vote for someone simply because they look better on t.v. or they're the "hip" person to vote for? Where's the macho man? Where's the guy to kick some serious butt in the White House? Was Ike the last? He put shoes where the sun don't shine and God in the epicenter. Are there any others? Keep your sniveling weenies that are easily swayed by unpopularity and political correctness...Give me a Porter Rockwell or proverbial John Wayne!

I will be sorely disappointed if I have to vote for someone by default. I'd rather be excited about a candidate than merely choosing him because he doesn't seem like he'd run the country into the ground quite as fast as the others.

I don't need approval or validation. I'm just irritated.


  1. I hate the primary system, how different states go at different times and 2 states basically decide the candidate for the rest of the country... it should be like election day, everyone goes at once.
    On msnbc.com there is a place where you can see all of the candidates issues and opinions... go to msnbc.com and click on "politics" and then on that page it's called "rate the candidates positions"... it's pretty neat.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Know of any websites that aren't run by a media corp?

    I've always thought the Electoral College was stupid...well, okay, except for that year when Al Gore won the popular vote. I shudder to think where we'd be. You can't have it both ways I guess.

  3. Finally... someone who feels like I do... I was begining to think I was alone.

  4. There are MANY who aren't blindly following the masses.

  5. :P I am a blind mass follower.. not really but mike and I have done our research and are confident in who we are voting for! :)

  6. So you're not a Mitt fan? And your living in Utah!

  7. Well said sister. I am all for getting rid of party votes. Seems to me that they all use the same tactics to get elected and all screw us when they are in. I feel like they think we are all idiots and we are just a bunch of sheep. No respect.

  8. Casey, if you've done your research, you're not blindly following. Good for you.

    I don't know how I feel about Mitt. I could like him. I need a bit more nudging. I will say that, compared to everyone else, he looks the most like what you'd think a president would look like.

  9. AMY, HI LONG TIME NO SEE/TALK ECT.. well, I have to say that the media leads the people by the nose to get them to think and vote like they do (democrat, thus all democratic coverage/debates) but to me the only obvious choice is Romney, all the other candidates scare me (well Romney does a little too, but not too much.) But yes where are all the Porter Rockwell's and John Wayne's? Just old fashioned honest justice people!! O.k. McCain's lying and saying he's now a conservative to get all the conservative votes from Romney, Obama's middle name people is Huessein. Does that kinda make you wonder just a little? Hillary is.....well, what is she or he (a he /she) I just don't know but I know Bill would love to be president again. They ball just really bscare me!! The country's going down in flames fast! I know I sound like your mother, but mark my words and get your food storage!!

  10. Mandi! The love of my life! I was wondering if the whole computer-age escaped you!

    I'm pretty much in agreeance with EVERYthing you said.

    So a big AMEN to you.

    Every other day I think about calling you!! You need to tell me when you're freed up...you have more kiddies to deal with than I do.


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