I've been tagged...so why the heck not!

Jobs I've had:
1. Security for an Olympic venue at the SLC 2002 Olympics.
2. Banquet server at the JSMB on Temple Square.
3. Office aide/Playground lady at Jeremy Ranch Elementary in Park City.
4. Telemarketer for a carpet cleaning place...yuck. I think it lasted MAYbe two days in high school--Christina?...You remember?

Places I've lived:
1. Utah County...ALL OVER.
2. Heber City, UT
3. Salt Lake City, UT
4. Roosevelt, UT

Food I love:...since I love pretty much all food, I will tell you what food I hate:
1. Olives...green, black--you name it, I hate it.
2. Anything flavored with Thyme or Rosemary.
3. Pizza sausage. I don't know why, but it taste like I imagine a donkey tasting.
4. Yellow mustard. (But I love dijon.)
5. Cold French fries.
6. Anything from Beto's. What's the obsession?!

Websites I visit:

1. Blogs of friends
2. Ebay.com
3. HGTV.com
4. webmd.com

Places I'd Rather Be:
1. I really wouldn't rather be anywhere. I'm fine.
2. Although, I could go for a taco from Taco Bell.
3. And if you're twisting my arm, I wouldn't mind visiting AZ to see my fam and friends--when it cools off a little more.

Movies I love:
1. She's the Man
1. Stick It--just watched it for the first time yesterday...I thought it was amusing...anyone that tells you otherwise, takes themselves too seriously.
2. Meet Me In St. Louis.
3. White Christmas
4. Million Dollar Baby
5. Where the Heart Is
6. Chocolat
7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
8. Any Shirley Temple

Shows/Channels I Watch:
2. TLC
3. Food Network
4. Since there are a lot of shows I like, I'll just say The Biggest Loser as my current favorite. Kid Nation is pretty entertaining though. And the usual--Grey's, Private Practive, Kitchen Nightmares, Shark, ER. The new show Caveman can be funny. And you can't forget the classics--I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver, and The Andy Griffith Show...I still love watching them.

I tag Jeremy. And Bonnie. And Erika. And Heather F. And Casey. And Christina. Okay, so it's more like TV Tag.


  1. hmmm...i'm not into such dangerous sports such as tag....you KNOW tag is becoming controversial in school...to be banned because of the potential for harm... LOL

  2. Not to mention the sexual harassment complaints that are SURE to follow.

  3. Donkey tastes more like pork. Yes I have had it! :P

  4. what is this tagging and why won't anyone do it to me?

  5. I did tag you...you didn't play.


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